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Jackson Citizen Patriot endorses Jerry Jarzynka for County Prosecutor

Experience counts when choosing someone to oversee the prosecution of criminal cases in Jackson County. It is important to understand how the office works and to enter this position without need for a steep learning curve. Criminal justice does not wait while there's a change in leadership in this office.

We feel Jarzynka meets the standard for the job of prosecutor. He tries criminal cases, knows the players in the court system and is supported by outgoing Prosecutor Hank Zavislak. Jarzynka also is universally described as well-liked, perhaps not an easy reputation to establish in a profession that deals with controversial cases.

It is important, too, that Jarzynka is backed by Sheriff Steven Rand and this community's law-enforcement organizations. The prosecutor's office works intimately with police, and there must be a two-way relationship built on respect and trust. That relationship has been strained in recent years, and the next prosecutor will have to mend fences.

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