Jerry Jarzynka believes the Prosecutor’s Office must protect and serve the people.  Jerry will:

  • Adopt a “No Deals for Parolees” policy – Parolees who commit new crimes again after being given a chance should be put back in prison.
  • Target Violent Criminals and Sexual Predators – Work with local law enforcement and federal authorities in the “Safe Neighborhood Project” targeting criminals who are involved in gun violence and drug traffic. He will also work with the highly successful Child Advocacy Center and target predators who sexually abuse children.
  • Expand Cooperative Efforts with the Prosecutor’s Office and Local Law Enforcement. Training, active task force involvement and cold case prosecution will be pursued and expanded.
  • Be Accessible to the Public – There will be scheduled times in the townships where the prosecutor will be available to citizens to discuss their problems and concerns related to the criminal justice system.
  • Reinstitute and privatize the Bad Check Collection Program for small businesses – This will help small business collect on bad checks without the cost of going to court and without using scarce tax dollars.
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jerry Jarzynka for Prosecutor · P.O. Box 1565 · Jackson, MI 49204-1565